Julián López UPS project

TEKNOLUR forms part of the Julián López Socialist Production Unit Project in the state of Carabobo, municipality of San Joaquín (Venezuela).

TEKNOLUR has installed the software required for controlling the irrigation and centralised climate control of the “Dutch” greenhouses. TEKNOLUR also provides training for the technicians after installation.

The “Dutch” greenhouses were purchased by CVAL (Venezuela Food Corporation) a Dutch company, thus the name. One of the civil engineers of CVAL was responsible for assembly, although the climate control and the irrigation could not be started due to a lack of software, the climate control electronic part, among other things.

In November 2011, Teknolur was contracted to install the software and everything required for start-up, as well as training farm technicians for six months in this crop system, which was unknown to them.

The CDN and CDC installed by TEKNOLUR in the greenhouse have made the operation of the centralised irrigation control and climate control possible.

The technician responsible for training and placing this insulation into operation is a Teknolur technical engineer with several years experience in hydroponic tomato crops. Once the entire installation is completed, he will also be responsible for training and qualifying the workers in order to obtain optimal short- and long-term production.

Features of the installation

The installation has several buildings, four hectares from production, 5,000 four planting, a fertiliser/irrigation head out room, warehouse and offices; six hectares in total. The operation is fitted with a cooling system, shade screen and harvesting at height (suspended) for inter-planting.

The crops grown are pear tomatoes, which are resistant to heat and high RH, and set easily with heat. This type of tomato was selected because it is one of the most consumed in Venezuela.

The production building has four hectares divided into one hectare per building for growing hydroponic tomatoes. The substrate used is 10-litre capacity compressed coconut fibre and the buildings are prepared for growing tomatoes of an indeterminate height.

The building used for sprouting the plants is fitted with a cooling system, crop tables, aspersion irrigation and shade screens.

The general irrigation system is made up of three independent heads and the climate is managed in the same room as the irrigation heads.

Processing Machines
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