The different parts that make up the structure of the poly tunnel range are designed for perfect joining using screwed joints in such a way that simplifies assembly and best absorbs the different forces that may impact on the structure. Its robustness and adaptability to the dimensions and characteristics of the location make it a very popular structure.

Within the Poly tunnel range, the Gothic is designed to obtain a higher interior volume. The Gothic shape of the structure and the inclination of the arches increase the use of sunlight and also reduce the risk of drops on the crop due to drainage from the condensation to the channels. The structure’s design maximises the interior space that can be used inside the greenhouse.


Teknolur poly tunnel greenhouses come in a modular system that is easy to install. Their robustness and adaptability to the dimensions and characteristics of the location make it a very popular structure.

The different options and reinforcements marketed by Teknolur in the poly tunnel greenhouses, as well as the diverse covering and equipment solutions, determine the possibility of using the structure in any application desired by the customer.

One of the most used applications of these types of structures is the use as a warehouse or industrial facility.


An extensive range of indoor and outdoor greenhouse equipment.



Teknolur’s fertiliser/irrigation systems can manage soil-based horticultural crop irrigation and fertilisation with the maximum efficiency, saving water and fertiliser using high-frequency irrigation programmes, whenever there is an irrigation system that has uniform distribution and automatic solenoid valve control.

The amount of fertiliser required is very low because utilisation is very high, considerably increasing the efficiency of the application, and adapting to the requirements of lawn or crop at all times, for example, on rainy days.

Radio-controlled solenoid valves solve the problems of broken cables and micro-tubes, which frequently occur during machinery operations, at a very competitive cost, especially for medium-size farms.

In summary, the application of Teknolur’s fertiliser/irrigation systems, based on venturi circular systems and fertiliser meters, enables the most demanding quality standards to be met at the same time as improving performance, quality and as a result the profitability of horticulture crops.

-By aspersion
-By flooding
-Irrigation by pivots
-TX Plus rollable system