“Teknolur automates production processes and transforms the raw material into a product with the highest added value”

The company offers customers the most effective and innovative technology for guaranteeing optimal production increase. It manages agricultural projects; installing and renovating greenhouses and production plants. It also supplies components, consumables and technological equipment for providing the facility with the most competitive parameters. With close collaboration with corporate alliances in sectors such as food, agricultural technology and renewable energies, Teknolur takes care of everything from design and manufacture through to packaging, distribution and marketing.


TEKNOLUR markets agricultural machinery and equipment so that your installation can have the latest technological advances on the equipment in each action line.


Teknolur works in close collaboration with top-level manufacturers to offer reliable and effective solutions in all fresh fruit and vegetable production phases, from vacuum and calibration through to packaging.


Fruit and vegetable transformation plants

Teknolur installs fruit and vegetable crop transformation plants. Thus, the end products from farming operations can be transformed into different sources, euros, juices, soups and marmalades for packaging, labelling, distribution and consumption.

Conserves plants

The company also installs food con serves plants for products such as tuna, mackerel and sardines.


Packaging machines

-Extensible film machine
-Flow Pack machines
-Thermo-formed packaging
-Thermo-sealed packaging
-Vertical packaging