TEKNOLUR is in charge of Tiznado River Project irrigation system

TEKNOLUR contracted by the Venezuelan company SIPSA for the fertigation system installation in the Tiznado River Farming Project.

The project is placed in the municipality Ortiz, state of Guárico (Venezuela) and guarantees the right to food in the municipality, the employment generation, and the national production strengthening.

You can know more about this project in this link.

TEKNOLUR is part of UPS Julián López

TEKNOLUR has made the installation of the necessary software for the irrigation control and the climate control to operate centralized in the “Dutch” greenhouses.

TEKNOLUR is also in charge of the farm technician training and qualification, once the installation is made.

Julian Lopez Socialist Production Unit project is placed in the state of Carabobo, municipality of San Joaquín (Venezuela).

You can know more about this project in this link.

Ulma packaging automates its Technical Support Service in all its sites in the world

The multinational packing systems company, Ulma Packaging and Ibermática have started a project for the automation of the management of the Technical Assistance Service (TAS), called GSAT.

ULMA Packaging, a Teknolur supplier company and one of the leading companies worldwide inpackaging systems, has chosen the solution TAS (Technical Assistance Service) of the ERP of Ibermática, RPS 2012, to automate their support service in their various facilities spread in 16 countries.

ULMA Packaging has subsidiaries in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Australia, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Besides they have a consolidated distribution network to cover more than 50 countries in all the continents, ensuring their exports in all the world.

The GSAT project will allow the improvement of the planning of their resource and interdepartamental communication. The relationship between Ulma and Teknolur will also be benefit since the processes and communication will be facilitate. All this will be aimed to give a better and faster service to our clients guaranteeing the maximum efficiency.

Source: euskadiinova.net